we are BRAC IT

co-creating solutions with direct business impact

prioritizing customer happiness

embracing uncertainties through experience and knowledge

We pursue purposeful innovation to deliver great user experience. Our mission is to ensure customer happiness through human centered approach, future proof technology and best practices.

end to end solution through system integration

We unite business challenges, design and engineering to develop solutions and improve human experience that matters.


web app

mobile app

user interface &
experience design




listen, learn and co-create

Our cultural belief is fundamentally to listen, learn and co-create to unleash full potential. We believe that we need to be endlessly curious and open to new ideas in order to achieve mastery.

work from home

The pandemic has placed us in front of harsh reality. While we adore our beautiful office, working from home allows us serious heads-down work time.

While we do miss our colleagues and our desks, it has not stopped us from reaching our goals.