Solution Design

At d.School, we follow Human-Centered Design for business analysis, user experience design, and communication.

d.School is a department of BRAC IT dedicated to designing creative solutions that elevate customer experiences. Intuitive experiences that draw people in and keep them coming back is critical for business success.This strategy requires a keen understanding of what the people need, the right resources, and their correct application for usability.

Solution Design Services

Business Analysis

We use in-depth analysis methods to find suitable and technical solutions and achieve the specific goals of your business.


We combine user-behavior analysis and business objectives to design compelling UI and UX, using a user-centric approach and Design Thinking.


We cultivate engagement through insightful content and activation plans that speak to customer needs.

solution design

Creating architectural and technical enablement of software using the human-focused, prototype-driven, innovative design process.

website and mobile app design

Want to refresh your site's design or start fresh from the beginning for better results? Let us help you because we don't just design visually appealing websites- we design experiences that drive results.

UX/UI design

Create a compelling user experience that leaves lasting impressions about your website or application, and keeps your audience engaged and coming back.

go-to-market plan design

Reach your audience at the right time in the most effective way possible

new product and service design

Conceptualize ideas that tap into unsaid and unmet market needs backed by customer insight and great user experience.

business process design

New or revamped business process workflows that are easy to adapt and increase a business's efficiency.

Tailored solutions for every type of business need

Dedicated team for problem identification

We have a huge and dedicated team for requirement collection and problem identification alone

Backed by Human Centered Design

We follow the globally successful approach of Human Centered Design (HCD) and offer the whole HCD package from problem-solving, and UX/UI, to go-to-market plan.

360° Package

360-degree development package backed by QA, Development team, and Data & AI.

Embracing the radical, the different, the creative!

Our cultural belief is fundamentally to listen, learn and co-create to create solutions that are radically different than what's already available around us. We believe everyone has a creative spark and one only needs an opportunity to truly harness it.

ready to drive business results with us?