build your career with BRAC IT

why work at BRAC IT

At BRAC IT, we offer a learning and growing environment with a perfect mix of fun where you will be able meet your interests and underlying talents to develop a sustainable career. This is a place where you will love to work!

diverse community

Enter a multi-disciplinary community and an inclusive environment

learning by doing

We value continuous improvement; therefore, we encourage people to fail fast so they can learn fast from it.


Imagine a space where you can voice your ideas, concerns and provide feedback. No matter the subject you are encouraged to speak up and everyone listens.

domain of interest


Business Analysis

Business Solutions


Company Secretariat


Data Servies & Solutions

Devops & Infra Services

Finance & Accounts

Human Resource

IT Governance & Compliance

IT Managed Service

Managed Service

Mobile App Development


Project Management

Software Engineering

Software Quality

Support Service


students & recent graduates

We encourage students and the young minds who dare to challenge the status quo, open for constant learning, upskilling, and have concrete interest in experimenting and experiencing what is to come.

life at BRAC IT

Here, at BRAC IT, we work collaboratively and act as if BRAC IT were our company – it’s all part of our ownership culture.

Practice leadership

We see challenges as opportunities and recognize that every challenge provides an opportunity to prepare for ahead decisions.

Stay responsible and accountable

While we share credit for successes with each other, we also accept responsibility for failures and seek to understand what went wrong and why, then adjust to keep it from happening again.

Look to the future

Our core culture keeps us open and curious rather than getting into a fixed mindset. That, indeed, helps us to understand and prepare for the coming days.