Meeting AtWork

Say hello to productive meetings

A meeting management tool to do meetings more efficiently - invite participants from within the office or outside, share agendas, keep track of the history, assign tasks and also keep track of your to-dos.


Be it one-off meeting, recursive or board meeting- do all effectively

meeting minutes for future reference

keep record of what was discussed and what was agreed at each meeting with minute templates.

reduce meeting time with great effect

say goodbye to unproductive meetings with clear agendas.

board pack to stay updated

an automatic generated boardpack brings participants on the same page.

poll for combined decision

gather responses from all board members for collaborative decisions.

ensure accountability with task assign

end every meeting knowing who is doing what by when with the assigned task option.

never miss a thing with to-do

stay on track with a list of all the work you have to do or have done.


Productivity tool for engagement before, during, and after every meeting

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