PRONALI is the leading, web-based, end-to-end, multi-agent, multi-channel and multi-region money transfer systems for banks, mobile network operators (MNOs), money service businesses (FX houses and MTOs) and retailers. It empowers its clients’ customers to send and receive money flexibly via Agents/Bank Branches, ATMs, EFT, POS terminals, Mobile Wallets, Prepaid Cards etc. The system is integrated with many exchanges house for real time payment. It also integrated to the core banking system to facilitate direct credit transaction to its client.

  • Real time cash payment and transfer
  • Segregation of remittance transactions into different payment mode and different location
  • Integration with Core banking system
  • API based communication with exchange house
  • Integration with exchange houses for real time cash pick up
  • Access for the exchange house user to view real time MIS report
  • Currency rate real-time update
  • Query/Feedback against transaction
  • Generation of MIS reports including FX gain report

  • All incoming remittance of all modes are managed in single platform
  • All required MIS including regulatory report are generated from the system
  • Real-time statement generation facilities for exchange houses

  • BRAC Bank Limited