Remittance Process Management

PRONALI is the leading, web-based, end-to-end, multi-agent, multi-channel and multi-region money transfer systems for banks, mobile network operators (MNOs), money service businesses (FX houses and MTOs) and retailers. It empowers its clients’ customers to send and receive money flexibly via Agents/Bank Branches, ATMs, EFT, POS terminals, Mobile Wallets, Prepaid Cards etc. The system is integrated with many exchanges house for real time payment. It also integrated to the core banking system to facilitate direct credit transaction to its client.

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Online Remittance Transfer

PRERON is an interactive system for Exchange House organizations. This system makes the money transfer system user friendly and efficient. It provides a structured, efficient and secured way for money transfer from one country to another country. Beside these, it also ensures customer satisfaction through excellence and best exchange rates focusing on quality attributes to money transfer such as: Reliability, Efficiency, Time saving, Security etc.

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Brokerage House Back Office Management

TOHOBIL is a web based centralized back office solution for broker houses. It has offline communication with DSE, CSE, CDBL and merchant banks. It manages all kinds of general setup and configuration related to company information, broker information, charge, commission & margin information, no-trading day information, netting setup, settlement setup, on demand charge setup, financial account setups. Furthermore, it manages all activities related to the customer cash or cheque receives and cheque payments. In short, TOHOBIL incorporates all the functionalities to run a brokerage house back office with efficiency, accuracy and ease.

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Online Stock Share Management Portal

BINIYOG is a rich, secure and intuitive Portal for Share Management experience for a bank’s clients residing abroad. It helps to manage the portfolio and invest into share market in a seamless manner. Purchase and sale of shares is facilitated 24/7 and portfolio management and update is done in real-time via email. BINIYOG is a platform where expatriates can directly invest into country’s stock market residing abroad by maintaining a NITA account with a custodian bank.

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