ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

RONGDHONU is one of the most powerful and efficient Enterprise Resource Planning solution available in the market. This ERP solution is developed to benefit medium and large enterprises by its component-based business applications. Organizations are vastly benefited by the solution as it is developed using the state of the art technologies and fully cloud based computing facility. RONGDHONU provides customers step-by-step evolution to the extended enterprise with e-business solutions that offer partner, customer, and supplier collaboration.

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Human Resource Management

JONOBOL is made to assist the Human Resource needs and activities of the organization. These activities deal with recruitment process, corporate benefits, vacation days, salary compensation, employee information, and performance. JONOBOL can reduce many of the unnecessary manual processes which in turn reduces overhead costs. It provides the needed tools to make any human resource department more efficient and effective.

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Payroll Management

BETON is a standalone payroll management solution that is aimed towards managing the payment and salary of regular as well as contractual employees. It tracks and monitors employee payments and automates the process of approving payroll and generating pay cheques. It calculates holidays, bonuses, tax calculation as well as commissions. It is a complete tool to assist the organization to get payroll related activities done easily and with accuracy.

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Accounts & Financial Management

HISHAB is a customizable Accounts and Finance Management solution that comprises of all the features and functionalities to aid any accounts department perform its responsibilities with utmost effectiveness and efficiency. HISHAB is designed to facilitate all sorts of regular accounting activities. Moreover, it has the capability to manage other issues like trade costing, time and billing, fixed assets, in-depth inventory, etc.

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Procurement Management

KROY is made to perform the complete procumbent process in simple and effortless manner. It integrates the whole organizational requirements in one place and plans the purchasing accordingly. It incorporates suppliers’ information, company requisitions and automates the process of generating letter of credit, purchase order, bill and receipts etc. thus making the purchasing process cost efficient, less time consuming and hassle-free.

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Inventory Management

TALIKA assists the companies with end-to-end capabilities for managing inventory strategy, planning and execution, enabling them to achieve superior service levels and product availability. This solution enables the organization to track inventory levels and movements in the warehouse and in the supply chain pipeline. With full visibility into entire incoming and outbound inventory, managers can make better decisions to maintain dynamic stock levels that meet the demands of the customers.

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Fixed Asset Management

SHOMPOD is designed to manage the fixed assets of an organization in an efficient and effective manner. It can work independently and can also be easily interfaced with any front office system. The application has a well-designed acquisition & maintenance functionality. Proper monitoring recording, allocation, utilization, depreciation and maintenance of new and existing assets are integrated into SHOMPOD to make assets management smooth and seamless.

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