Varsity Management Solution

PORUA VMS is a comprehensive education management solution for open credit universities. It is a highly customizable cloud based solution for managing students and academic activities. PORUA VMS provides and all-in-one interface to integrate all the operating functions of the university to enable collaboration, coordination and uniform flow of information. It is packed with features that assists universities attain high level of automation and effective execution of administrative process.

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College Management Solution

PORUA CMS is a flagship college management solution of BRAC IT Services Limited for managing all sorts of administrative activities. PORUA CMS automates all the management processes of a college to enable smooth and seamless operation. It provides unrivalled flexibility and information availability thus ensuring an accurate and effective management system. Advanced data analysis, high degree of automation and 24/7 access to information makes PORUA CMS a one of a kind education solution in the industry.

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School Management Solution

PORUA SMS is a flagship product of BRAC IT Services Limited for managing all sorts of administrative activities of schools. PORUA SMS automates the whole paper based process and make administrative work easy, seamless and significantly less time consuming. It enables accurate and uninterrupted flow of information across all functions and grants 24/7 access to its users thus ensuring optimum availability of information and unparalleled flexibility. Managing educational institutions is now easy and effortless.

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