360° Managed IT Services

We offer end-to-end Managed Infrastructure Service that support enterprises to transform their business seamlessly, leveraging the emerging technology. Our Managed Infrastructure Services enable clients maintaining desired service levels, meeting business change needs while bring down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) significantly

Flexible e-Mail services allow for simple and proactive communication between and within organizations. Based on clients demand we can cater a range of e-Mail services with various control levels, authentication scheme or domain ownership.

Enterprise networks must allow seamless transfer and communication of information utilizing Microsoft’s Office platforms and functions. We can set up file sharing, printing and storage systems within our client’s systems.

Network dependency is a fundamental factor for enterprises with profound impacts on revenue and revenue generating market base.

Our industry standard Network Monitoring Services provide 24/7 monitoring with rapid and remote troubleshooting, notification & escalation. This allows for vital decision making data based on network availability and status.

Our strategic networks with leading technology suppliers and wireless technology providers has given us expertise on infrastructure design, resource management and monitoring, Using this expertise we ensure maximum throughput and utilization of our services along with vigilant monitoring around the clock..

We offer advanced monitoring and management of data centers enabling clients with greater control over their data resources, reduce complexity and energize data center performance with high standards. Our recovery center located outside Dhaka also allow for data back up and data retrieval ensuring a tension-free solution for our clients.

Sophisticated data centers are the backbone of multi-million dollar organizations and institutions worldwide.

Our modern, reliable and customizable data management systems for, allow you to monitor, control and sustain complex data centers and information systems.

Developing unique, own infrastructure is a major undertaking for various companies with massive cost commitment and long term investment. biTS provides high quality, readymade infrastructure hardware and software on lease for companies looking for a short term hardware dependency within cost effectiveness.

Over 12 years of experience in developing, engineering and maintaining complex data application infrastructure and applications for banking, education, microfinance, NGO, SME sectors have equipped us with unparalleled product knowledge and acumen.

Our service desks serve thousands of customer everyday emphasizing on resolving queries and issues on first contact.

Our Enterprise Service Desk Management Services include

Industry Standard helpdesk management service combining hotline services, remote desktop support as well as on-site support for clients.

IT Assets are the most valuable assets for technology dependent organizations require expert management of hardware and software for maintenance and auditing purposes. Our adept teams are serving over 10,000 users nationwide.

Our expert technicians and analysts provide on-call on-site maintenance and support.

In the fast paced world of banking, customers are continuously looking for alternate channels to conduct their transactions and avail banking services. This complex network includes ATM, CDM, POS, Call Center, IVR, mobile and more.

Our Alternate Delivery Channels (ADC) management solutions deliver alternate channel transactions to leading banks and allow them to expand their customer base across the country.

Advanced storage and servers provide crucial data and information support to state-of-the-art organizations.

Our expert Server & Storage Deployment Services provide virtualization, consolidation, throughput, data migration, performance monitoring, backup, upgradation as well as a range of dedicated deployment and maintenance support.